Sunday Coffee – Omar And The Marvellous Coffee Bird

Oh the coffee at Omar and The Marvellous Coffee Bird…. what can I say except look a this.

I really liked this place. The industrial rustic… sure it’s been done… a lot, but I still like it. I find it visually interesting because it still allows for personalization. I was comfortable and when the staff actually asked us how we drink our coffee, well then I could truly sit back and relax. You would think that it’s a pretty obvious and simple question to ask your customers but still, it’s rare to find a place confident enough in their ability to cater to all tastes that they’re at ease asking the question. We were told that it was safe to order a strong coffee (by now we know that we must go strong) because their blend will never be bitter. Music to my ears.

So the long and the short of it is, go to Omar’s, drink the coffee and enjoy!

Images by The B2B Market

Where: 124 Gardenvale Rd  Gardenvale

What Was Playing: The music escaped me but here’s my favourite song at the moment by Boy & Bear – Southern Sun

Open: Monday – Sunday for breakfast and lunch.

In A Nutshell: Kid friendly, serious coffee.
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